Design & Customisation


Kiwi-Kraft is proud of the many refinements it has made to boat design, fittings and accessories in the last three decades. While safety is of course paramount, clever design, good looks and the Ultra Soft ride and performance from the HUSHtech hull are what Kiwi-Kraft owners have come to love.
First impressions are important and Kiwi-Kraft boats, with their flowing lines, stunning wrapped finishes and racy decals – are very pleasing to the eye. A closer inspection will reveal user-friendly features like full width boarding platforms (to aid divers in and out of the water), step-down cabins (giving more headroom) and cabin side-windows that add to the light and airy feel of the cabin.
Other great features include extra hatches, a full dashboard, king and queen seats, two pontoon storage hatches, bow rail, large fender rubber and sealed outboard bracket – making Kiwi-Kraft boats the envy of their competitors. In fact Kiwi-Kraft boat owners say that many of the design features are not apparent until the boat has been used a number of times. Details like full-length bunks (where fitted), parcel shelves, foot rests and bait board.
For full details refer to the individual model section of this site. Or better still, contact your local dealer and arrange a test ride of a Kiwi-Kraft boat today.


Kiwi-Kraft boats outperform all other alumium pontoon boats on the market. And they have one other very important attribute that sets them apart from the large, impersonal boat building companies - customisation.
Rodney Harris, the founder and director of Kiwi-Kraft, has stated that he has no intention of becoming a mass producer of boats - he enjoys the one-on-one interaction with his dealers and boat owners that small-scale production allows. This also leads to a level of customisation previously unheard of in the boat building industry. As Rodney often says, “If you can dream it we can build it.”
This is reminiscent of the old fashioned can-do attitude that has helped New Zealand become a world-beater across a range  of industries.
Rodney says his tradesmen can make additions and adaptations to any standard boat feature. While some of the adaptations can be challenging the payoff in delivering an owner’s dream boat is well worth the effort, according to Rodney.
The other payoff is that many of the adaptations will become standard issue on future boats, ensuring Kiwi-Kraft’s continued position as market leaders in the industry.