Performance & Safety


The Kiwi-Kraft range of boats is designed to get you and your passengers to and from your favourite dive or fishing location in complete safety, comfort and style. Matched with the recommended outboard motor(s) the performance of these boats is simply stunning. The secret to Kiwi-Kraft's outstanding on-water performance is the unique hull design, which features a variable dead rise thus creating a long bow. This leads to fine entry characteristics and the soft dry ride that Kiwi-Kraft are renowned for.
Twin planing strakes, that run the full length of the hull, give superior lift leading to better planing and improved fuel consumption. The strakes also give the Kiwi-Kraft boats better grip and stability on the turns and in following seas. Kiwi-Kraft boats look great in the showroom and once you get out on the water to see and feel how they perform, you'll know you made the right choice.


All Kiwi-Kraft boats are positive buoyancy boats, making them virtually unsinkable, even when full of water and with a full contingent of passengers.  This is achieved by a system of pontoons between the hull and the floor. Each of these pontoons contains up to nine compartments, depending on the model (more than all other boats in this class) and is tested to 5 PSI during construction.
Invercargill, New Zealand is the home of Burt Munro (World's Fastest Indian), and there you will find Kiwi-Kraft's modern 2000 m2 (22,000 ft2) boat building workshop. Inside is the latest technology in alloy welding, CNC cutting, bending and fabrication that make Kiwi-Kraft boats world-beaters.
Kiwi-Kraft's small team of tradesmen is dedicated to providing a product that is superior, in every way, to all other aluminium pontoon boats. They take boat building personally and attention to detail is paramount to them. Unlike other constructors that fold and roll their hulls, Kiwi-Kraft weld this crucial element giving a smoother, stronger keel joint.
Kiwi-Kraft's tradesmen also spend a great deal of time ensuring all welds throughout the structure are smooth and seamless. This gives additional strength and a better finish. Kiwi-Kraft's systems and work ethics are so good its Workshop Quality Assurance Manual for alloy boat construction has been used by NZ Maritime Safety Authority as a benchmark for aluminium boat construction within New Zealand.
As members of CPC NZ - all Kiwi-Kraft models are built to Coastguard specification. In addition, two models 440 and 505 are rescue boat certified to a worldwide classification. This all adds up to a safe, reliable product that will never let you down.